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We truly appreciate our alumni for their involvement in Accounting Club! If anyone wants to schedule a coffee chat with some of the alumni listed on this page, please look through our alumni database in the link below for their contact information.

Kelly Lanham


My name is Kelly Lanham, I am a Senior majoring in Agricultural Accounting with a minor in Business, and I am from Naperville, IL. Accounting Club was not only the very first club I joined, but also the first professional business organization. As a senior in high school, I knew right away that I wanted to major in accounting, and later become a CPA. However, I didn't realize how much I would not only learn, but grow as a professional while being a member of Accounting Club. Through the plethora of corporate and development events, I have been able to expand my network, along with learning more about the accounting industry. Accounting Club has given me the opportunity to develop core business skills, discover waht accounting is like in the real world, and build lasting friendships. I would encourage anyone that is interested in professional business development to make use of the many tools and resources provided through our organization.

Board Members with 2+ Semesters of Service
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