Aaron Guo


My name is Aaron Guo, and I am from Litchfield, IL: a small, rural town one hour south of Springfield, IL. Prior to my freshman year, I didn’t have a deep knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession. Accounting Club was one of the first organizations I joined on campus. After I attended my first corporate presentation with the club, I learned so much about audit, tax, and advisory service lines. Since then, I continued to leverage Accounting Club’s many offerings to help with professional and personal development. My experiences in Accounting club allowed me to discover the different possible careers with an accounting degree, form several lifelong friendships, and recruit with multiple accounting firms and industry companies. I encourage all members to take full advantage of the club's resources to achieve their goals. As always, I and the rest of the executive board hope to help newcomers in any way that we can to lead successful student and professional careers.